Sunday, February 7, 2016


Thanks To The Oaks Theater And Oakmont!

Live Wire wants to say THANK YOU to The Oaks Theater and to the citizens of Oakmont and our fans who attended our show last night, filled with Motley Crue hits!

Our fans were the real rock stars of this show! You came out in full force, were LOUDER THAN HELL and you totally rocked The Oaks Theater in Oakmont last night and we love you guys!

We had a kick ass time with our VIP ticket winner, Brian McNatt, toasting the one and only Motley Crue with him! He’s a true Cruehead and we were all glad to get a chance to hang out with him.

Be sure to follow the Events on our Facebook Page and make sure that you RSVP to all the shows near you (shows you’ll actually be able to attend) for your chance at being our next VIP Winner!

If you weren’t able to make it OR if you can’t wait to see us the next time, don’t worry, we promise we’ll be back soon and we’ve got lots more shows lined up!


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