Sunday, August 28, 2016


Helping Our Heroes Show In Apollo 2

Live Wire, The #1 Motley Crue Tribute Band wishes to say thank you to everyone who came out in force and rocked hard all day to support The Wounded Warriors of Western PA and the Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center!

We want to say thanks to WonderTwins Productions LLC for putting on such a kick ass event and inviting Live Wire to take part in supporting our area Veterans.

Also, thanks to all of the other talented bands who took part. We were honored to share the stage with Coal Town Band, East Coast Turnaround, SourMash, Van Waylon and 13 Stories Rocks!

Most of all, Live Wire wants to thank all of our Veterans, from the bottom of our hearts. We rock because you guys sacrifice everything to give us the freedom to do so, and we appreciate each and every one of you! YOU ROCK!

We’ll be looking forward to doing it again next year and meantime, make sure you come and see at The Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh this October!

1 comment:

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