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Billy Greer as “VINCE NEIL”
Billy Greer started playing in an original/cover band called Arsenel in 1988. The first time he saw Crüe was on the Theatre of Pain tour in 85' when he was 13. He is also the only original member of DEUCE, the longest running Kiss tribute band in the U.S., which was formed in 1995. He has played numerous states as far away as Wisconsin. With DEUCE, he's had the opportunity to play at prestigious Pittsburgh venues like The Star Lake Ampitheater and Heinz Field. His influences are Kiss, Crüe and Queensryche. His favorite guitar player is George Lynch. He has 3 kids, Madison, Emily and Michael. He loves his super supportive girlfriend Rhonda.

Allen Lamacz as "MICK MARS"

Allen Lamacz plays the dynamic role of the legendary guitar icon, Mick Mars. Mick Mars was always the quiet one of Mötley Crüe however, Mick always just decided to let his sick guitar playing do all the talking! The development of Allen’s unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence.

Growing during the 80’s hair band days, he was heavily influenced by the 80’s metal bands such as Mötley Crüe, Slayer, Metallica, Queensrÿche, Iron Maiden, Pantera, etc and then Tool later on. The 80's, the great era of when guitar players were full of face melting solos and every song was guitar masterpiece filled with super technical guitar work. 

After realizing that making music and playing guitar was his passion, he began to showcase his talent in numerous bands throughout Pennsylvania, playing in numerous gigs. “When I play a song I want to play it exactly like the original artist does, I watch video and completely study the artist to give the crowd the closest musical replication to what they play” His biggest guitar player influences in life include Mick Mars, Kirk Hammett, Adam Jones, Dave Murray, Michael Wilton, Snake Sabo, Alexi Leiho, Doug Aldridge, John 5, and Jake E Lee. 

Dave Douglas as “NIKKI SIXX”

Dave Douglas hasn’t played a show as himself since 2001. That was the year he started to play in a KISS tribute. Before that he was a keyboard player, rhythm guitar player and a lead singer, playing all over the country performing covers and even his own music with some limited success. But playing in the KISS tribute DEUCE was different, it was a passion...

One of his first performances in costume was at Fakefest 2001 at the Star Lake Amphitheater in front of over 4000 screaming fans. After 10 years of playing KISS in DEUCE and numerous other KISS tributes up and down the east coast, he felt it was time for something different, he joined Dr Feelgood, a Mötley Crüe tribute. That band played for a year before splitting up, but Dave still had that passion… a few years later that passion wound up turning into the opportunity to introduce his fans to "LIVE WIRE".

Dave enjoys what he does & it shows. “GO BIG OR GO HOME” is his motto. He and Billy still do KISS shows with Deuce and Dave even performs in an Eagles tribute- Desperado. But LIVE WIRE will always be his "Home Sweet Home"!

Sean Melvin as “TOMMY LEE”

Sean Melvin is not only one of the sickest drummers ever, but he is also a dead ringer, exact look alike of Tommy Lee! Sean has had the privilege of touring as the drummer of national recording artist Subsonic- Featuring Ron Marks of Celtic Frost. He also had one hell of a time with his local band Raising Mother Kane. Sean has filled in for other local artists when the need for a drummer came about. He has played with Silk9, East End, and Sativa. Sean has shared the stage with many national artists including John Corabi, Red Dragon Cartel, Bang Tango, LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, Lynch Mob, and Dizzy Reed. 
When asked who Sean's influences are, the answer was simple- Tommy Lee! Is there any other really?

“The Nasty Habits”
The Nasty Habits have always been a staple at Motley Crue shows, adding backup dancing and singing which made the final touch to any Motley Crue show. Our Nasty Habits- J-Money & Roni Roxx are no different, and they always bring excitement to the fans and our shows. 


Main Street Music & Sound

Live Wire would like to send special thanks to Main Street Music & Sound in Irwin, Pa for all their continued support and for keeping us sounding our very best.

If you are in a band or just a music enthusiast than you definitely need to stop in and check this place out. Some of the most knowledgeable staff that goes the extra mile for all of their customers.

They specialize in everything from super high end boutique pro level gear to beginner and starter gear at affordable prices. Electric guitars, basses, drums, pianos, keyboards, trumpets, saxes, flutes, clarinets, violins, PA systems, microphones, software, accessories, equipment rentals and so on.

Specials thanks again from Live Wire, The Premier Motley Crue Tribute Band!

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InTune® Guitar Picks

Live Wire wants to thank In Tune Guitar Picks for helping us to create absolutely picture perfect custom picks that our fans love to collect. Their picks are top quality and our designs look terrific on the finished products!

It's easy to see why Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath uses them!

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Inzane Decals

Live Wire wishes to thank Inzane Decals for making our guitars look spectacular with their easy to use custom designs! Their process makes it simple to have amazing images without the huge price tags that airbrushing or painting would have incurred.

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