Wednesday, December 30, 2015



So, back on January 17, 1981, these guys started a band and named it Motley Crue. All they needed was a laugh. Years gone by, we say they’ve kicked some ass!

For the members of Live Wire, along with all of the other Motley Crue fans, the coming New Years Eve marks the end of an era. We’ve followed them since the early days and loved every minute of it.

Being a Cruehead didn’t mean we just liked some songs they put out. It meant we were all a part of this fantastic, dysfunctional, crazy and demented family. And our family has grown over the years to include new generations of Crueheads and Crue fans from all over the world.

As the end nears, to our family, we say, “Come Now, Children Of The Beast, Be Strong And Shout At The Devil!”


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