Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year from LIVE WIRE

Well, kids, it’s true. Motley Crue played their final show last night in L.A., where it all began in 1981. We’d like to say Happy New Years to all of our fans, even though we know that today isn’t really a happy day.

You’re probably all just as hung over and depressed as we are, wondering what the hell are you going to do, now that there are no more Motley Crue tours planned, ever.

We promise that you’ll always have us, paying tribute to the #1 band in the world, but we know it just wont be the same anymore, without seeing Nikki, Vince, Tommy & Mick every year.

Between Live Wire’s band members and manager, we’ve been to roughly 200 shows, in quite a number of cities, so we know the loss is great and the mourning will go on forever.

We’re going to miss the t*tty cam, flames surrounding his drums and the kick *ss roller coaster drum kits from our man, Tommy Lee. Tommy has been a huge inspiration to Tommy G “Tommy Lee”  throughout the years. Tommy’s crazy attitude and absolute lust for life has inspired all of us. #RIPTommy

We’ll never again get to hear the cool speeches or get sweat dripped on us by Nikki Sixx. Our Dave “Nikki Sixx” Douglas has followed his career from all the way back to the days of “London” and although he wont see him again live with The Crue, he’ll always be able to summons the spirit of Nikki with his bass. #RIPNikki
We’ll surely miss Mick who put his body and soul into the music. This man has been able to rock people’s worlds for over 30 years, despite having a seriously debilitating disease and he’s given all of us the drive to continue in any venture we pursue, no matter what the cost. Our Allen “Mick Mars” Lamacz got to see Mick up close in The Crue’s Nest this past year and he’s going to miss seeing Mick play all of those awesome Crue riffs. #RIPMick
And Vince. We’re going to miss Vince. We’ve loved Vince since day one when girls were throwing their p***ies at him, as Nikki Sixx says, when they played their first shows, down at The Whiskey. We’ll even miss all the shows he f**ked up when he couldn’t remember the lyrics and made all of us sing the songs instead. We didn’t care. We sang along with pride, knowing this was our music, too. Billy “Vince Neil” Greer channels Vince’s spirit every time he puts on pink glittery stuff and he’s going to miss singing along with Vince at the Crue shows, too. #RIPVince
We’ll never forget the circuses, the bizarre space ship trick, the awesome rockin’ midgets, the fireworks, the flames so hot we got sunburn at the show in Vegas, the nurses and we sure wont forget the girls, girls, girls!

We’ve all loved Motley Crue for as long as all of you have loved Motley Crue and one promise we can make, the music WILL live on! In our hearts, in our souls and in our tribute shows where we will always pay our respects to the most notorious rock band in history.

#RIPMotleyCrue and Happy Crue Year 2016 to Live Wire fans around the world! We love you…


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